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主题 : 2019年考博英语翻译必掌握的10大句式
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 1. Leave sb. the choice of … or … 要么…,要么… (选择类经典句) BT_]= \zi  
  Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission. \}-4(Xdaq  
  敌人冷酷无情/铁石心肠,我们要么顽强抵抗,要么屈膝投降。 myx/|-V"F  
  The age of 30s leaves you the choice of marriage or remaining a bachelor. _iwG'a[`  
  年过三十,要么成婚,要么单身。 aCQtE,.  
  2. be the instrument of sth. 引来某事物的人或事 (使动类经典句) Hg+<GML  
  If I can be the instrument of your happiness, I will sacrifice all my belongings. Nk~}aj  
  能够让你幸福,我愿意付出我的一切。 B|(g?  
  3. it was the memory / memories of 追溯到… (回忆类经典句) \j)Evjw  
  Perhaps it was the memories of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the 1988 Seoul Olympics, which were considered turning points in their nations' development. }v1wpv/b(  
  追溯到1964年东京及1988年汉城举办的奥运会,可能分别被视为日韩两国发展的转折点。 >WLPE6E  
  It was the memory of 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered from the attacks of atomic bomb, from which originated the term of "Zero Ground". P -m_],  
  追溯到1945年广岛和长崎遭受原子弹攻击,从而形成了"零地带"这个术语。 '1<Z"InU  
  4. on the premise / ground / prerequisite / proposition / hypothesis / presuposition that 基于一个前提… (假设类经典句) zVhyAf  
  The Chinese declared to implement the policy of peaceful reunification on the premise that the then Taiwan authorities maintained that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is only one part of China. jiI=tg;  
  中国政府在宣布实行和平统一的方针时,是基于一个前提,即当时的台湾当局坚持世界上只有一个中国,台湾是中国的一部分。 wcHk]mLM  
  Advice to investors was based on the premise that interest rates would continue to fall. ;5a$ OM  
  对投资者的建议是以利率会继续下跌为根据的。 -15e  
  5. be bound to 必定…;一定… (意愿类经典句) yUoR6w  
  The Great Western Development is bound to be a bridge between China and the rest world, promoting the common economic development and prosperity of China and the world at large. r}U6LE?>  
  西部大开发一定能成为沟通世界各国和中国的一座桥梁,促进中国和世界经济共同发展,共同繁荣。 u ExLj6  
  Just wars are bound to triumph over wars of aggression. ,n|si#  
  正义战争必然要战胜侵略战争。 j*=!M# D  
  6. a matter of sth./doing sth. 与…有关的情况或问题 (描述类经典句) Jcw^Z,  
  Considering the following statements, made by the same man eight years apart. "Eventually, being 'poor' won't be as much a matter of living in a poor country as it will be a matter of having poor skills." ktu?-?#0,  
  请思考一下同一个人现在及八年前说的话。"说到底,'贫穷'与其说是生活在贫穷的国家里,还不如说是技艺不精。" OqGp|`  
  Dealing with these problems is all a matter of experience. cJKnB!iL5  
  处理这些问题全凭经验。 ?7\V)$00(&  
  7. This is the similar case with/when 这恰如;正如;也会 (比较类经典句) ,f03TBD}  
  This is the similar case when the main melody can evoke a strong echo for us to clap our hands in admiration despite our disability to understand the score of Mozart's musical pieces. 8jK=A2pTa  
  这恰如我们虽然看不懂莫扎特乐曲的总谱,却照样能同它的主旋律产生共鸣,击节称赞。 Zl V  
  除此以外,老百姓的服务性消费,如教育,信息,旅游等消费也会大量增长。 S)CsH1Q  
  Besides, this is also the case with the citizen's expenditure such as education, information, traveling. UlXm4\@  
  8. be exemplified by 这一点也证明了…;这点反映在以下事实:… (举例类经典句) /08FV|tX)  
  This American desire to keep the children's world separate from that of the adult is exemplified also by the practice of delaying transmission of the news to children when their parents have been killed in an accident. >}k*!J|  
  如果父母在事故中丧生,人们总是晚些时候才告诉孩子们,这一点也证实了美国人想把儿童的世界和成人的世界隔离开的愿望。(美国人想把儿童和成人的世界划清界限,这一愿望还反映在以下事实:如果父母在事故中丧生,人们总是设法晚点将消息告诉他们的子女。) " <bjS  
  9. constitute… (不用于进行式)是;认为 (判断类经典句) 8lQ/cGAc  
  History has proved eloquently that the division of labor based on equality and mutual benefit between China and USA constitutes the most reasonable and practical international relationship. a%go[_w  
  历史说明,中美之间建立在平等互利基础上的劳动分工是最为合理和实用的国际关系。 ]#~J[uk  
  My decision does not constitute a precedent. 3=S |U,  
  我的决定不应视为先例。 ra^</o/  
  The defeat constitutes a major set-back for our diplomacy. b"g^Jm! j  
  这一失败是我们外交上的一次较大的挫折。 \Z*:l(  
  10. witness… 见证… (发生类经典句) D5zc{) /  
  a time or event witnesses sth./sb. in a particular situation or doing a particular thing. $W._FAAJ#  
  经过二十多年的快速发展,中国西部地区已奠定了一定的物质技术基础,社会保持稳定,市场经济体制正在逐步建立和完善,为西部经济持续快速增长创造了有利的市场环境。 &{)<Q(g  
  The rapid development in the past 20-plus years witnesses a relatively solid foundation in terms of material wealth and technology in the western region of China +\dVC,,=^g  
  在下一轮的会谈中,我们将宣布中东地区永久停火协议,对此我抱有乐观态度并充满希望。 C&O8fNB_  
  I am optimistic and hopeful that the next round of talk will witness a permanent cease-fire in the Middle East. l&& i`  









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