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PART ? STRUCTURE&VOCABULARY ( 25minutes,15points) 9 ~~qAoD  
sectionA( 0.5 point eath) vQ 4}WtvA  
direction: choose the word or expression below each sentence that best completes the statement, and mark the corresponding letter of your choice with a single bar across the square brackets on your machine-scoring answer sheet. p%F8'2)}  
16.Knowing that the cruel criminal has done a lot of unlawful things, I feel sure that I have no __________ but to report him to the local police. :[xvlW29  
bDDqaO ,8  
A. time B. chance C. authority D. alternative }X]\VSF{  
y;nv R6)  
17.Behind his large smiles and large cigars, his eyes often seemed to __________regret. ca(U!T68  
A. teem B. brim with C. come with D. look with DzC Df@TB"  
~.Cv DJy  
18.There is only one difference between an old man and a young one: the young one has a glorious future before him and the old one has a _______future behind him. o)&"Rf  
A. splendid B. conspicuous C. uproarious D. imminent BFWi(58q  
19. That tragedy distressed me so much that I used to keep indoors and go out only _________necessity. abi[jxCG  
A. within reach of B. for fear of C. by means of D. in case of '^iUx,,ZQ  
20. A young man sees a sunset and unable to understand of express the emotion that it _________in him, concludes that it must be the gateway to a world that lies beyond. :g2  }C  
A. reflects B. retains C. rouses D. radiates Z/<#n\>t0>  
21.______________the heat to a simmer and continue to cook for another 8-10minutes or until most of the water has evaporated. &gn-Wb?  
A. Turn off B. Turn over C. Turn down D. Turn up nPFwPk8=M  
22.Banks shall be unable to ___________,or claim relief against the first 15%of any loan or bankrupted debt left with them . ^lj7(  
mR% FqaN_  
A. write off B. put aside C. shrink from D. come over sw;|'N$:<  
G:IP? z]  
23.I am to inform you ,that you may ,if you wish , attend the inquiry ,and at the inspectors discretion state your case _________or through an entrusted representative. < Ek/8x  
A. in person B. in depth C. in secret D. in excess ; s|w{.<:  
24.In his view, though Hong Kong has no direct cultural identity, local art is thriving by “being ___________,”being open to all kinds of art. ""% A'TZ  
A. gratifying B. predominating C. excelling D. accommodating T2FE+A]n9  
25.In some countries preschool education in nursery schools or kindergartens _________the 1stgrade. V'DA[{\*  
?o*I9 [Z)  
A. leads B. precedes C. forwards D. advances a.2L*>p  
Y?K{(szo ?  
26.Desert plants ________ two categories according to the way they deal with the problem of surviving drought. Vh|\_~9  
A. break down B. fall into C. differ in D. refer to LWnR?Qve<  
27.In the airport, I could hear nothing except the roar of aircraft engines which _________ all other sounds. o-C#|t3hH  
A. dwarfed B. diminished C. drowned D. relative ~" i0x  
T/1gI9 X  
28.Criticism without suggesting areas of improvement is not _________ and should be avoided if possible. L| hx arJ  
A. constructive B. productive C. descriptive D. relative )e|=mtp  
29. The Committee pronounced four members expelled for failure to provide information in the ____________ of investigations. he(A3{'  
z4X}O {  
A. case B. chase C. cause D. course -n80 &  
f+_h !j  
30. Since neither side was ready to __________ what was necessary for peace, hostility were resumed in 1980. J aTp} #  
A. precede B. recede C. concede D. intercede T .FI'wy  
31.Such an _________act of hostility can only lead to war. Z;/$ niY  
A. overt B. episodic C. ample D. ultimate %a+mk E  
32._________ both in working life and everyday living to different sets of values, and expectations places a severe strain on the individual. G 0%6ch^%  
A. Recreation B. Transaction C. Disclosure D. Exposure x^4xq#Bb7  
33. It would then be replaced by interim government, which would _________be replaced by a permanent government after four months. .sC?7O =  
A. in step B. in turn B. in practice D. in haste tg]x0#@s  
34. Haven’t I told you I don’t want you keeping ____________ with those awful riding-about bicycle boys?  ?HF%(>M  
s<qe,' Y  
A. company B. acquaintance C. friends D. place ![]`` g2  
35.Consumers deprived of the information and advice they needed were quite simply _________ every cheat in the marketplace. v\m ]A1  
A. at the mercy of B. in lieu of C. by courtesy of D. for the price of %3NqSiMs  
]gYz 4OT  
Section B (0.5 point each) S S2FTb-m  
Directions : in each of the following sentences there are four parts underlined and marked A, B, C, and D. Indicate which of the four parts is incorrectly used. Mark the corresponding letter of your choice by drawing a single bar across the square brackets on your Machine-scoring Answer Sheet. /"eey(X  
36. The auctioneer must know fair accurately the current market values of the goods he is At-U2a#J{  
A B C D Vx~,Uex0+  
selling. ?b(=1S\E'^  
8 7D*-Gw  
37.Children are among the most frequent victims of violent, drug-related crimes that have nothing E\Rhz]G(  
b )B? F  
A B C zT!drq:x  
doing with the cost of acquiring the drugs. _d5QbTe  
D KET2Ws[w  
38. A large collection of contemporary photographs, including some taken by Mary are on display '.:z&gSqx0  
A B C /;o X)]W  
at the museum.  |y(Q  
D Y$"O VC  
y*qVc E  
39.There is much in our life which we do not control and we are not even responsible for. ? m DI#~)  
N sXHO  
A B C D ]n6#VTz*  
40. Capital inflows will also tend to increase the international value of the dollar, make it more s~^5kgPA  
A B C 8A##\j )  
difficult to sell U.S. exports. >qnko9V  
TM%| '^)  
D :CG`t?N9M  
Q /U2^  
41. It can be argued that the problems, even something as fundamental as the ever-increased world 6m}Ev95  
A B C <? q?Mn  
population, have been caused by technological adcance. jys:5P  
D }|h# \$w  
42. It takes the most cool-headed and good-tempered of drivers to resist the temptation to revenge Kn5~d(:  
A B C E>6MeO  
as subfected to uncivilized behavior. =Qy<GeY  
D ik)|{%!K]H  
43. While experts in basic science are important, skilled talents should be the overriding majority /2&c$9=1  
A B C [:7'?$  
^ gdaa>L  
since they are at heavy demand in the market. tj'\tW+s'  
D Sj3+l7S?  
44.Retailers offered deep discounts and extra hours this weekend in the bid to lure shoppers. em y[k  
A B C D  0HZ{Y9]  
45.The amendments of the laws on patent, trademark and copyright have enhanced protection of ` ./$&'  
A B ko!)s  
intellectual property rights and made them conform to WTO rules. q v-8)MSr  
P?%s #I:  
C D 9[#pIPxNK  
~?l | [  
PART3 CLOZE TEST (15minutes, 15 points) \UA[  
Directions: There are 15 questions in this part of the test. Read the passage through. Then, go back and choose one suitable word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D for each blank in the passage. Mark the corresponding letter of the word or phrase you have chosen with a single bar across the square brackets on your Machine-scoring Answer Sheet. aHD]k8 m z  
At least since the Industrial Revolution, gender roles have been in a state of transition. As a result, cultural scripts about marriage have undergone change, One of the more obvious ___46____ has occurred in the roles that women 47 . Women have moved into the world of work and have become adept at meeting expectations in that arena, 48 maintaining their family roles of nurturing and creating a(n) 49 that is a haven for all family members. 50 many women experience strain from trying to “do it all, ” they often endoy the increased 51 that can result from playing multiple roles. As women’s roles have changed, changing expectations about men’s roles have become more 52 . Many men are relinquishing their major responsibility 53 the family provider. Probably the most significant change in men’s roles, however, is in the emotional 54 of family life. Men are increasingly 55 to meet the emotional needs of their families, 56 their wives. 6W/`07 '  
In fact, expectations about he emotional domain of marriage have become more significant for marriage in general. Research on 57 marriage has changed over recent decades points to the increasing importance of the emotional side of the relationship, and the importance of sharing in the “ emotion work” 58 to nourish marriages and other family relationships. Men and women want to experience marriages that are interdependent, 59 both partners nurture each other, attend and respond to each other, and encourage and promote each other. We are thus seeing marriages in which men’s and women’s roles are becoming increasingly more 60 . <|HV. O/!  
46. A. incidents B. changes C. results D. effects [+^1.N  
47. A. take B. do C. play D. show x[p|G5  
48. A. by B. while C. hence D. thus Cp\6W[2+B  
49. A. home B. garden C. arena D. paradise _;"il%l=1  
PI {bmZ  
50. A. When B. Even though C. Since D. Nevertheless 2Ah#<k-gC;  
51. A. rewards B. profits C. privileges D. incomes 70?\ugxA  
52. A. general B. acceptable C. popular D. apparent s S+MqBh&I  
53. A. as B. of C. from D. for `7E;VL^Y1  
54. A. section B. constituent C. domain D. point ]h`&&Bqt  
55. A. encouraged B. expected C. advised D. predicted (XTG8W sN  
56. A. not to mention B. as well as C. including D. especially z _$%-6  
57. A. how B. what C. why D. if [\e eDa  
C }j"Qi`  
58. A. but B. only C. enough D. necessary  tU5zF.%  
59. A. unless B. although C. where D. because 1ba~SHi  
60. A. pleasant B. important C. similar D. manageable VBlYvZ;$*  
PART 4 READING COMPREHENSION (60minutes, 30 points) tKuwpT1Qc  
Directions: Below each of the following passages you will find some questions or incomplete statements. Each question or statement is followed by four choices marked A, B, C and D. Read each passage carefully, and then select the choice that best answers the question or completes the statement. Mark the letter of your choice with a single bar across the square brackets on your Machine-scoring Answer Sheet. Dj?> <@  
Passage1 q9K)Xk$LF  
r|8d 4  
The man who invented Coca-cola was not a native Atlantan, but on the day of his funeral every drugstore in town testimonially shut up shop. He was John Styth Pemberton, born in 1833 in Knoxville, Georgia, eighty miles away. Sometimes known as Doctor, Pemberton was a pharmacist who, during the Civil War, led a cavalry troop under General Joe Wheelrer. He settled in Atlanta in 1869, and soon began brewing such patent medicines as Triplex Liver Pills and Globe of Flower Cough Syrup. In 1885, he registered a trademark for something called French Wine Coca-Ideal Nerve and Tonic Stimulant, a few months later he formed the Pemberton Chemical Company, and recruited the services of a bookkeeper named Frank M. Robinson, who not only had a good head for figures but, attached to it, so exceptional a nose that he could audit the composition of a batch of syrup merely by sniffling it. In 1886-a year in which, as contemporary Coca-Coca officials like to point our, Conan Doyle unveiled Sherlock Holmes and France unveiled the Statue of Liberty-Pemberton unveiled a syrup that he called Coca-Coca. It was a modification of his French Wine Coca. He had taken our the wine and added a pinch of caffeine, and, when the end product tasted awful, had thrown in some extract of cola nut and a few other oils, blending the mixture in a three-legged iron pot in his back yard and swishing it around with an oar. He distributed it to soda fountains in used beer bottles, and Robinson, with his glowing bookkeeper’s script, presently devised a label, on which “Coca-Cola” was written in the fashion that is still employed. Pemberton looked upon his mixture less as a refreshment than as a headache cure, especially for people whose headache could be traced to over-indulgence. a.\:T,cP>  
On a morning late in 1886,one such victim of the night before dragged himself into an Atlanta drugstore and asked for a doolop of Cola-Cola. Druggists customarily stirred a teaspoonful of syrup into a glass of water, but in this instance the man on duty was too lazy to walk to the fresh-water tap, a couple of feet off. Instead, he mixed the syrup with some soda water, which was closer at hand. The suffering customer perked up almost at once, and word quickly spread that the best Coca-Cola was a fizzy one. $rBq"u=,0+  








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